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    교육과목 |[미국] LA 여성의류회사 P사 웹디자인&마케팅 인턴 채용
    교육기간 |해당없음
    교육일정 |해당없음
    교육장소 |해당없음 (근무장소 : LA)
    교육대상 |일반인, 실업자
    교육비용 |해당없음
    문의전화 |02-835-1114

    LA 소재, 여성의류회사 P사

    Best known as R** has many different branch lines including P**. P is a women's blouse and separates brand created for women who want it all. While constantly juggling career and family, this woman knows what she wants especially when it comes to her wardrobe.

    Driven by elegance and simplicity she looks to P for wardrobe staples and knows she can always rely on the quailty. Inspired by working women everywhere, this collection is built on fashion fundamentals with sensitivity to trends but not driven by them. P is committed to creating effortlessly chic products, evident in our consistent in-credible quality and reliable aesthetic.

    V 채용상세




    Web Designer

    a. Must be able to handle website front-end with experience in repronsive design,

        HTML5, CSS media queries

    b. Design & Update the website on a periodic basis

    c. Creating contents for website and social media

    d. Making or updating product, project and other landing pages

    e. Getting involved in UX/UI improvement for w


    V 자격사항

        1) Upper-Intermediate level of English
        2) Position related major
        3) Relevant working career is preferred

    V 근무조건

         1. Location : 캘리포니아 주

         2. Position : Web Designer

         3. Wage : $15~20 / hour (인터뷰 후 결정)

         4. 근무시간 : 8:30AM ~ 5:30PM

         5. Visa Type : J-1 비자 (12-18개월 근무, 정규직 전환 가능)    

    V 지원방법

     1. 홈페이지 지원
     2. 이메일 지원 (

         - 제목 : [미국] LA 여성의류회사 P사 웹디자인&마케팅 인턴 지원자 OOO     << 첨부     이력서 / 자기 소개서/포트폴리오

    관련 문의 : 02-835-1114


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    글로벌인 해외취업본사    | 사업장주소 : (07265) 서울시 영등포구 양산로 126 [성도빌딩 4층]


    사업자등록번호 : 105-92-03141 | 대표 : 김성수 | 노동부인가 서울 서부 유 제 2015-1호

    해외이주알선업 등록|  외교부 인가 제 17-01호 yngcareer

    대표전화  : 02-701-1711~2|팩스번호 02-711-1713