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    교육과목 |[미국] 뉴저지, 패션악세사리 수입/유통사 D** 그래픽 디자이너 채용
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    문의전화 |02-835-1114


    [미국] 뉴저지 주 소재, 패션 악세사리 수입 및 유통 회사 D**

    회사업종 : Fashion Accessories Importer and distributor
    회사규모 : 정규직 사원 110명+

     An industry leader in designing affordable scarves, hats and cold weather accessories, D**’s trend conscious, fashionable accessories are all the rage with young women and popular celebrity icons!
     In 1977, after noticing the emerging pop culture scene in downtown Manhattan, the founders began selling sunglasses to independent boutiques on St. Marks Street. In the 1980’s, boutiques were at a high point for cutting edge street style fashions. Many local, up and coming artists were purchasing D** products; these local artists became internationally known as Madonna and Duran Duran!
     Since then, D** has advanced into a design power house focusing on accessories. D** branded products can be found at established retailers such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. In addition to supplying branded products, D** also specializes in developing private label programs from start to finish for major brand names such as Kohls, Charming Charlie, Disney and Aldo! Our offshore production facilities guarantee competitive factory direct pricing for any  size program, time sensitive shipping with state of the art shipping facilities, and complete EDI and logistical expertise. Our design team is constantly creating new, innovative designs while accurately following industry trends from season to season proving to put D** as front runners in the accessories industry.

    - Locations : Secaucus, NJ
    - Position : Visual Graphic Designer
                          (Create images for marketing / Designing marketing materials)

    - Compensation : 추후 협의

    - Visa Type : J1 Visa
    - Contract Duration: 12 month  / 18 month (a five-day week)
    - intern / trainee (정규직 전환 가능)

     자격 요건
     - Intermediate level of English
     - Visual or Graphic Design related major   
     - Relevant working career is preferred
     - Entry level position is available
    이메일접수 : 으로 이력서/자기소개서 접수
    제목 "[미국] 뉴저지, 패션악세사리 관련 D** Visual Graphic Designer 지원자 OOO"으로 기재

    참고사이트 :

    02) 835-1114

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    이름 : 비밀번호 : 스팸방지코드 :

    글로벌인 해외취업본사    | 사업장주소 : (07265) 서울시 영등포구 양산로 126 [성도빌딩 4층]


    사업자등록번호 : 105-92-03141 | 대표 : 김성수 | 노동부인가 서울 서부 유 제 2015-1호

    해외이주알선업 등록|  외교부 인가 제 17-01호 yngcareer

    대표전화  : 02-701-1711|팩스번호 02-711-1713