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    캘리포니아 소재, 국내 대기업 C의 식품계열사 B사 , 설립일 : 2004년, 직원 수 : 약 100명

    C ** America, together with its subsidiaries and affilates, is leading the dynamic and fast-growing businesses in areas in cluding Food & Food Service, Bio, Entertainment & Media, and Logistics. C America's leaders manage and collaborate with U.S. affilates to adopt to current market trends, creating long-term business plans to inspire new ways for all to experience Korean cuisine and culture.

    V 채용상세




    Construction Project Coordinator

    - Support project manager with submittals, RFIs
    - Change order requests
    - Track, issue, and maintain documents such as contracts and insurance certificates
    - Manage subcontractors and vendors
    - Expedite and schedule the revisions, material, equipment procurement
    - Review, update, and report the actual cost of the project
    - Maintain drawings, specs, logs, and close out documents


    V 자격사항

    - Basic math skills
    - Intermediate level in Microsoft office and Sketch Up
    - Project Auto CAD Must
    - Advanced in business writing and communication skills
    - Out of the box thinking for solving problems
    - Must be able to lift more than 50 lbs.
    - Able to travel

    V 근무조건

         1. Location : 캘리포니아 주

         2. Position : Construction Project Coordinator

         3. Wage : $12.00

         4. 근무시간 : 40 hours/week

         5. Visa Type : J-1 비자 (12-18개월 근무, 정규직 전환 가능)    

    V 지원방법

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         - 제목 : [미국] 국내 대기업 식품계열사 B사 미국지사 인턴 지원자 OOO     << 첨부     이력서 / 자기 소개서/포트폴리오

    관련 문의 : 02-835-1114

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    글로벌인 해외취업본사    | 사업장주소 : (07265) 서울시 영등포구 양산로 126 [성도빌딩 4층]


    사업자등록번호 : 105-92-03141 | 대표 : 김성수 | 노동부인가 서울 서부 유 제 2015-1호

    해외이주알선업 등록|  외교부 인가 제 17-01호 yngcareer

    대표전화  : 02-701-1711~2|팩스번호 02-711-1713